Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Night is Curry Club Night

Its 7.15pm and England have just beaten India in the third test to become the number one cricket team in the world.  We have taken their top spot, now we shall go and eat their cuisine to celebrate!

The Curry Club meets on Saturday nights at the Green Hotel.  We go there by taxi arriving about 7.30pm.

The first half hour is taken drinking and chatting.

Rita, Leen, Mark and Henk (Rita's husband)


Rita, Leen, M&S

Specialising in Indian, but decor is Japanese (work it out!)

Edwin, (forgotten, right now, apologies) and Ester

James, Geert and Edwin
And then we sit down to dinner...

The food is pretty good.  Tandoori chicken and samosas to start, vegetable, lamb and chicken curries, hot and cold rice, dahl, beans in coconut and breads and papadams  then warm orange semolina for the pudding, which those that had it (all except us) liked.  It is accompanied by as one wants to drink including wine and beer.  A pretty good deal for $25 each.

And taxis bach to the residences at about 10.30.

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