Monday, November 28, 2011

Customised Balconies

I have mentioned before that it seems tha the balconies on apartment blocks are often modified by the occupants or owners.  I have no idea how this happens or if it is allowed (maybe the well informed local reader, who told me the trees are painted to prevent bugs knows?), but anyhow it fascinates me.  The other day I walked over to meet Sandra and had a few minutes to wait, so just standing at a street corner took these pictures of the apartments' balconies around.  I won't try to add commentary, they speak for themselves!


And finally, this is one from a different location, above the supermarket we now do most of our shopping ib, Ideal.  As you can see, this is quite a new block but that hasn't stopped the balcony modifications.  We cannot even put a nail in the outside of our Californian condo without permission!

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