Friday, February 8, 2013


For the past week or so it seems that the daytime temperature has hardly dropped below zero.  This after the snowfalls of the week before means only one thing, lots of melting snow and ice, which in turn means puddles and mud. 

With the investment that has been made in paving the side walks over the past two or three years the situation these days is much better than it used to be when walking anywhere meant that ended up caked in thick mud. Now it is more of a case of going for a paddle.

Today I went to Rahat Market to do some shopping before walking the mile or so to Riverside Office to meet Sandra for lunch.
These are pictures of the pavements around Rahat.  The truck is stuck in the hole in the car park which is now full of water.
Walking out along Makhambet Street the side walk was not too bad, but the puddles were sometimes quite deep and the places with orange tiles were very slippery.
I noticed this lady negotiating a puddle which actually did cover the cuffs of her pants, and "snuck" a picture.  Of course the cars are all filthy. There is no way anyone can keep a car clean for more than a couple of minutes.  However the drivers are always very good at cleaning round the door handles so one can get in without getting too dirty.  I took a couple of pictures of passing cars to demonstrate my point, and then realised just how many of the cars in Atyrau are white. I will have to do a quick survey to investigate the car colours further, but my hypothesis is that about half of them are white, and then silver/grey is the next colour of choice.  This makes sense in a country where there are hot summers with lots of sunshine.
The walk along Abay Street to the river path was not bad but there are some slippery places, and the river path itself was pretty good.  Though the puddles were quite deep in places.  The one in the top left picture had little icebergs floating on it!
Like a lot of people here we are looking forward to the temperature dropping, the mud freezing and hopefully some new snowfalls to cover what will otherwise be icy pavements everywhere.



  1. Mark, Like your Blog. I am expecting to move to Atyrau shortly for KPJV. SO would really like to contact you and get advice and information on the place. So far your Blog paints a good picture rather that a lot of Internet posting. Hope you can respond. My blog link is attached to this message. Drop me a note if you can assist. Appreciated.

  2. If you have any professionalism do not touch KPJV I have worked in Oil&Gas 30 years never seen so many half wits under the one roof . Example QC Manager ex Labourer no Qualifications only claim to fame affair with a local girl 30 years his junior needless to say she is now employed as a QC Coordinator locals all unqualified but you have to live with it none capable for what they are employed. Total Shambles from the top down all you will get in that office is a dose of the Clap.