Friday, November 15, 2013


Here at Zheti Kazyna we occasionally receive Newsletters from the Management.  There was one such newsletter a week or so ago which both Sandra and I missed and which ended up with her posting the following comment on Facebook,,,
Last week's Newsletter carried the following announcement... 
This confused many residents as they where unaware that we had stained glass windows in some of the apartments.  However it did not faze me as just last week I had tried to take a photograph of the window cleaning and it resulted in the picture below. 
Which as you can clearly see is taken through a very stained glass window! So we have all been blessed with stained glass windows which will fortunately soon be cleaned.  

The cleaning itself is quite interesting.  Instead of lowering cleaners from the roof or using one of the trucks with the telescopic arms and working platforms.

So we had wonderfully clean windows...for one day.  Because, as everyone knows, the sure way to ensure that it rains is to wash your windows or wash your car, and so the next day it rained!  After a couple of weeks here with surprisingly war weather it seems as if winter is finally going to move in.

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