Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It has been a very long time since I made any new posts.  It could have been because I was lazy, it couldn't have been because I was busy...because as a trailing spouse in KZ I defined "unoccupied", or maybe I should say as a male trailing spouse which is more accurate. The ladies had a lot of activities and I was fortunate to be able to get involved in the cooking things but I'm a bit too old and childless to get involve in the parenting stuff!

But I obviously wasn't busy; so why did I stop blogging?  I thought about this a lot, "why did my motivation disappear", and after a couple of years thought, I think I have two honest reasons.  The first is that I started blogging to inform Sandra's family of what life was like in Atyrau and after a few months I started to get emails from other people asking about life in KZ....other people were reading them!!  But I wanted to help and be informative and honest so started to write stuff (yes, I know it would get an "E" in Lit. but "stuff" is a good word) that could be useful for people.  

Which brings me to the second reason for not blogging.  I am beginning to know too much.  I cannot really prattle on about my trivia, buying food and pots, working out how to use taxis and the restaurant stakes when actually I am really concerned and more interested in other things. 

So I haven't blogged for ages.

And so I missed wonderful opportunities to commentate on and inform you of the visits of Cameron (Britain's little known PM) and Putin (Russia's world famous Head of State) which involved painting lots of buildings on important routes so the visitors (and, more importantly, Mr Nazarbayev) would see how wonderful Atyrau is.  In fact, we can forecast presidential visits by the repainting of the bridge..

But enough already!  I'll get myself into trouble if I go on.

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