Friday, July 29, 2011

First Full Day: Friday

Sandra went off to work on the 8.30 bus, fortified by poached eggs and the home made bacon I brought from California.  Two of Sandra's colleagues were invited to dinner so I was planning to make a curry.  I went next door to the supermarket, Pamctop (Ram Store), to look for ground lamb.  There didn't appear to be any and I narrowly avoided buying minced ventricle which was next to the minced hart (sic).  I decided to use beef instead!

At 11.30 I walked the 2km to Sandra's office and go for lunch.  The sun was bright and it was about 40C with a light breeze.  In those conditions one walks very slowly.  En route I stopped to have my visa reviewed by the HR department at NCPOC.  This involved entering in a book the date I dropped off my passport, my signature, the date I collected my passport, my signature, my residence and my signature....all at the same time.  I felt much better knowing that I was officially in the book!

We went to Sancak, the Turkish restaurant, for lunch.  I started with a litre of sparkling water.  The dry heat is very dehydrating.  I walked home after lunch and had another litre of water.  I drank more water in two hours than in the previous month!

Ian and Roel came for dinner that evening and we ate the smoked salmon from Schiphol Airport and curry, then finished with some of the good cheeses from California.  They finally left after 1am.  We had a few empty wine bottles to dispose of.

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