Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Weekend: Saturday

Sandra no longer works Saturdays so we had a slow lazy start.  People were coming to dinner so we had to do some shopping and cooking. We went out for a walk to a restaurant called Zazu where we had Shashlik (kebabs).
Red faced after a mile walk in 100F Heat

After the walk and lunch I sat down in the cool flat and went to sleep.  Sandra went shopping and bought a table and two chairs so we could seat the 5 people that were coming to dinner, though we only have six place settings!
Seating for seven, but one unmatched plate!

Then I went out and did some shopping for dinner.  The Ramstore is much better than it was at Christmas.  Vegetables and salads with lettuce are a treat so we planned on starting with a blue cheese, pear, nuts and grapes salad featuring as a star ingredient....lettuce leaves.  I managed to find a lettuce.
The star ingredient
Our guests arrived at 7pm.  There were Jon and Aleida (Jon works for Sandra and Aleida also works for NCPOC), Alwyn (who is a trailing spouse) and Yimnys (who works for Sandra) and Michele from Calgary (whose husband is back in Calgary)  for dinner.  We ate beef and green beans from California, then Nectarines and Mango from California (with local ice cream) finally ending up with cheeses.  The very hard but delicious Oro Secco broke the knife!

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